Visits & Events

As both a public and school librarian, I have lots of experience talking to classes and groups of kids from ages 0-12. I try to share my love of reading and appreciation for books and writing with every kid I meet! I would love to visit your school, class, or book club.

In my presentation, I will focus on perseverance as I talk about how Daphne in Learning to Fall must embrace her failures in order to become a skater, and how that perseverance relates to my own journey to becoming a published author. I will also talk about my writing process, including working with critique partners and the importance of revising. And I know how much kids like to ask questions, so I will always leave time for that!

In a workshop setting, I can talk about creating fully realized characters and provide students with drawing and writing exercises to help make their characters come alive.

I am available for virtual or in-person events. Please let me know if you are interested in setting something up!

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5th grade class with Sally

Fifth grade students from Acorn Elementary checking out Learning to Fall