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School Visits

As both a public and school librarian, I have lots of experience talking to classes and groups of kids from ages 0-12. I try to share my love of reading and appreciation for books and writing with every kid I meet! I would love to visit your school, class, or book club.

In my presentation, I will focus on perseverance as I talk about how Daphne in Learning to Fall must embrace her failures in order to become a skater, and how that perseverance relates to my own journey to becoming a published author. I will also talk about my writing process, including working with critique partners and the importance of revising. And I know how much kids like to ask questions, so I will always leave time for that!

In a workshop setting, I can talk about creating fully realized characters and provide students with drawing and writing exercises to help make their characters come alive.

I am available for virtual or in-person events. Please let me know if you are interested in setting something up!

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Events & Interviews

4/9/24 – Interview on Mary Boone’s Six Questions blog

12/1/23 – Featured list on book discovery site Shepherd: Sally Engelfried’s 3 Favorite Reads in 2023

11/4/23 – Local Author Showcase, Pleasanton Public Library, Pleasanton, CA

3/17/23 – Panel, “Let’s Talk About It: Using Contemporary Novels to Normalize Discussion About Difficult Topics,” with authors Nicole D. Collier and Jennifer Gennari, Georgia Conference on Children’s Literature, Athens, GA

2/11/23 – Middle Grade Author Panel, Peninsula Libraries Present YANovCon, Burlingame, CA

12/5/22 – Featured list on book discovery site Shepherd: The Best Middle Grade Books about Father-Daughter Relationships

10/21/22 – Podcast interview with Kate Narita on Chalk & Ink: The Podcast for Teachers Who Write & Writers Who Teach

10/1/22 – Guest blog post on Nerdy Book Club: Make It Personal: Finding the Reality in Fiction

9/29/22 – Interview on A Worthy Reader blog

9/11/22 – Learning to Fall book launch event at Mrs. Dalloway’s books with author Lisa Moore Ramée

9/10/22 – Appearance on Books of Wonder virtual panel: Great Middle Grade Reads

9/9/22 – Guest blog post with author Melissa Dassori on School Library Journal‘s Teen Librarian Toolbox: Living in the City: Urban Settings in Middle Grade Novels

9/1/22 – Learning to Fall on the cover of Booklist magazine

8/26/22 – Kidlit411 blog: Author Spotlight: Sally Engelfried

8/24/22 – Kern County Library’s Book Talk Bakersfield podcast: In Conversation with Author Sally Engelfried

7/15/22 – Panelist at WriteOnCon 2022: From Critique to Contract, with authors Lisa Moore Ramée, Katherine Rothschild, and Stacy Stokes



5th grade class with SallyFifth grade students from Acorn Elementary checking out Learning to Fall
Talking to fifth grade students from EnCompass Academy about becoming a writer